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Course Material - With warnings on financial crisis, Chiyoko Kujirai uncovers the bright side that provides financial investors a rare opportunity to accrue wealth. Given this supposition, Chiyoko Kujirai walks you through how to identify the cycles that drive financial booms and falls anf conveys information that is both historical and current as this page-turner recaps historical cycles and uses them to project the state of future financial markets...
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Getting the Money
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Course Material - I am sure you have heard the saying "It takes money to make money." The same thing is true in real estate: It takes money to make real estate purchases. This book is to helps you get money for your real estate deals. Real estate investing has been proven to build wealth when done it right, but it is hard to get the money to get started on your own. Not many people have enough spare money to buy a second property without borrowing some or all of it. This book is essential in ge..
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Key Financial Measures
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Course Material - This course focuses on mastering numbers to succeed in real estate investments, and provides updated and current discussions of how to gain capital as well as an internal rate of return. With the explanation of basic formulas, attendees learn to measure principal aspects of their real estate investments, such as cash-on-cash return, return on equity, net present value, discounted cash flow, and net operating income...
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Course Material - Providing detailed advice and strategies that she learned from years of experience accruing wealth through rental properties, Chiyoko Kujirai teaches a realistic plan in this book to help find profitable deals and finance your rentals. This book provides solid real-world advice on real estate investing. When looking to pull the trigger on property purchase, this rental property investing book will be your best bet...
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The Complete Properties Guide
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Course Material - This practical course provides investors with the necessary tools to make educated decisions to gauge the potential worth of investment properties. This is a great course for both seasoned real estate investors and those who are just getting into the business. A straightforward course that carefully walks attendees through each stage of analyzing properties for their potential value...
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